Online and face-to-face teaching and learning have been both enhanced and encumbered by the rapid rise in the number of Web 2.0 tools available for education.  Instructors want to include as many of these tools in their arsenal in order to involve all four learning styles.  On the other hand, since hundreds of new Web 2.0 tools appear each day, the task of testing the tools becomes close to impossible.

So, to assist fellow educators, our team offers analyses of four tools:
(Click on the links within each description or on the tabs under the fern image.)

a)  Adobe Connect (formerly known as “Breeze”).  So, you think you’re ready to venture into the blended classroom realm but you don’t have access to an online interactive classroom.  Plus, you’re not sure that you want to give up the face-to-face interaction among your students.  Economically price, Adobe Connect might be the tool to allay your fears.

b)  Prezi:  A fantastic substitute for the same-old-same-old PowerPoint presentations, Prezi amps up the presentation experience with more interactivity and less linear humdrum.

c)  TeacherEase:  Perhaps the school in which you teach has not yet acquired an online student management system.  Or maybe it has an online management system but the software doesn’t include the ability to include the actual curriculum or a way to communicate with parents.  The answer to these student management system shortcomings may be TeacherEase.

d)  VoiceThread:  Tired of using separate applications to create an audio and text file for your students?  Looking for an alternative way for students to exhibit their learning? VoiceThread is a great alternative.


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